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2017 NEWS!


The next news of the 2017/2018 season appear in our offer. You will find in our shop the latest rubbers, blades, clothing collections and all other novelties. More about our news on our fb profile


The newest rubbers of DER MATERIALSPEZIALISTMega-Block Anti, Shockwave and Eliminator Extra Long are already available in our offer! Mega Block is the latest generation anti-spin rubber, Shockwave is a medium pimple, which enables dynamic play with high disruptional effect and Eliminator Extra Long is a very slow long pimples.

NEW! Seamless balls GEWO SLP 40+

New, seamless, plastic GEWO balls are already available. Perfectly round ball, with optimized hardness ensures perfectly uniform reflection.
Tracksuit DONIC Final pants
  • New slim-fit design and warm Poly-Terry material.
29,39 EUR
T-shirt GEWO Teramo
  • Sporty, trendy design shirt made of elastic cotton.
29,89 EUR
Tracksuit DONIC Fuse jacket
  • High quality tracksuit made of breathable Dobby-Cool-Dry material. With contrasting coloured inserts on the shoulder. Jacket has a straight waistband and trousers have angled zip openings.
46,82 EUR
Rubber Cleaner JOOLA Clipper Clean set
  • Clipper foam:Cleaning foam for table tennis rubbers.
7,47 EUR
Bat case DONIC Double Phase
  • Bat cover reinforced at the sides with shatter-proof material and sculptured foam padding for optimum bat protection.
16,44 EUR
Tracksuit pants STIGA Inspiration
  • Material: 100% micro polyester, dobby dry fit with stretch.
35,37 EUR
Tracksuit Jacket STIGA Inspiration
  • Material: 100% micropolyester, dobby dry fit. Colour: navy blue.
50,55 EUR
Shirt STIGA Heaven
  • Material: Piquet knit 100% polyester, dry fit. Colors: light blue, blue.
38,59 EUR
Racket GEWO Rave Game
Shirt DONIC Riva
  • High performance shirt made of functional DRYLITE-fibre which removes perspiration from your skin to the outside of the shirt. With a soft print on the front.
32,88 EUR
Racket GEWO Rave Speed
Bat case CONTRA  suitcase
  • A batcase that protects your table tennis bat with room for one bat and three balls.
21,17 EUR
Blade DR NEUBAUER Jackpot
  • JACKPOT is a decisive enhancement for many long pimple or Anti-Spin players. The blade comes with a perfectly balanced plywood composition and a new lamination procedure, ensuring excellent results when used with pimple-out and Anti-Spin rubbers.
57,28 EUR
Shirt STIGA Creative
  • Material: Piquet knit 100% polyester, dry fit.
38,59 EUR
Bag DONIC Sentinel
  • Tournament bag with a spacious main compartment, 2 large outside compartments and compartments with zip on the frontside.
43,34 EUR
Sport Shoes MIZUNO Wave Drive 8 red
Pips-in DONIC Slice 40 CD
  • At last a new option for the defender! The Slice 40 CD has been especially produced for the modern defender / all-rounder. Developed for hard pushing and shopping it is also suitable for controlled top spin.
33,37 EUR
Pips-in JOOLA Rhyzer 48
  • Rhyzer 48 Ideal for strong attacking spin players - the hard 48 degree sponge has huge dynamics. Out gun your opponent with dangerous winning loops and counter topspins without losing touch in your precision play.
41,84 EUR
Shirt DONIC Air
  • High performance shirt made of functional DRYLITE-fibre which removes perspiration from your skin to the outside of the shirt. With side print on the front.
  • The same design in the three basic colours is also available in cotton! (Airflex)
30,38 EUR
T-shirt DONIC Attack
  • High performance shirt made of functional DRYLITE fibre which removes perspiration from your skin to the outside of the shirt. With side print on the front.
26,90 EUR
T-shirt GEWO Teramo Microfiber
  • The sporty and casual shirt is made of breathable, moisture-regulating functional material.
29,89 EUR
Shirt DONIC Airflex
  • Made from stretchable cotton spandex material allowing optimum freedom of movement. With side print on the front.
30,38 EUR
Edge Tape GEWO 10 mm 50m
  • Protective tape for the edge of the bat. Width 10 mm length of 50m . Black tape with red.
17,55 EUR
Pips-in JOOLA Rhyzer 43
  • The 43 degree sponge is still powerful and gives you the optimum mix of power, spin and ball response.
  • Ideal for spin oriented attackers, even from mid distance but also allows you to control your opponent in precise close to the net exchanges.
41,84 EUR
Balls Stiga Ball Training ABS 100 pcs
  • Training poly ball with seam, 100 pcs in box.
39,85 EUR
Racket GEWO Rave Action
Balls  JOOLA *** Prime 40 + ABS 3pcs
  • Competition ball with seam. 3 pcs in box.
2,99 EUR
Edge Tape GEWO 10 mm 5m
  • Protective tape for the edge of the bat. Width 10 mm length of 5m - enough for 10-12 bats. Black tape with red inscription GEWO.
3,74 EUR
plastic balls GEWO Trainingsball *** 40+ 6 pcs.
  • GEWO plastic training ball with seam for the first steps in table tennis at an excellent price / performance ratio.
3,84 EUR
Blade DR NEUBAUER Matador
  • The new offensive blade for use with pimple-out/Anti-Spin This new development has been conceived for players using pimple-out or Anti-Spin rubbers that have a preference for fast blades, yet require a high level of control and disruptive effect.
47,32 EUR
Racket GEWO Rave Speed Set
Balls TIBHAR * 40+ NG ABS 6 pcs.
  • Plastic training balls, material: PCV -ABS, white, 6 pcs in box.
2,99 EUR
Short pips SPINLORD Waran II
  • Waran II is our solution for players who are seeking for a pips-out rubber with the highest possible acceleration and speed that is not to difficult to control. Actually Waran II even has more control then many slower pips-out rubbers from other brands.
22,17 EUR
Racket GEWO CS Energy Carbon
Pips-in GEWO Reflexx Soft
Gewo Rubber Reflexx SoftAre you ready for the unexpected?Feel the precision of Power Tension Boost Technology!GEWO ReflexX SOFT - optimization that you can feel! If you think that soft and fast is ...
32,38 EUR23,48 EUR
Pips-in GEWO GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5
The GEWO Hype EL Pro 42.5 is the perfect rubber for players who want maximum spin at high speeds. Because: "The last point makes you the winner!"
37,11 EUR33,40 EUR
Shirt GEWO Hype
Ultra-light, high-quality premium shirt with polo collar made of elastic functional material. Straight, comfortable cut.
28,64 EUR25,78 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0
FLEX-TECH technology provides for maximum precision in any attacking situation, while the DGC40+ top sheet guarantees constant and reliable coupling when the bat hits the ball.
38,66 EUR34,80 EUR
Blade GEWO Polaris Control Glasfiber
The wish of many players for a wood with tempo values ​​in the offensive area and control properties of Top allround blades was + realized the Polaris Control Glasfiber AR.
56,04 EUR44,83 EUR
Pips-out Long SPINLORD Feuerstich
Everyone is talking about an amazing new weapon for players using long pimple rubbers. We have it! The distance between the individual pimples is significantly greater for the "Feuerstich" than that of others rubbers.
22,17 EUR18,68 EUR
Blade GEWO Polaris Powerflex
The powerful timber for precision in all game situations. More speed, without noticeably losing control. High-tech wood technology in its purest form perfectly matched to the needs of the players.
59,52 EUR47,62 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Reflexx Sound
Gewo Rubber Reflexx SoundThe softer version of Reflexx with state-of -the-art Tension Power technology provides well balanced playing characteristics in all situations of the match.
32,38 EUR23,48 EUR
Pips-out Long SPINLORD Blitzschlag
New long pimpled rubber ( October 2012) which is a further development of Dornenglanz. The same very high disruptive effect but more slow and even better control. Very good for block close to the table and for chops from mid distance.
22,17 EUR18,68 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Hype XT Pro 40.0
The GEWO Hype XT Pro 40.0 is the perfect choice for players looking for a soft power rubber with a tacky surface which still provides for sufficient elasticity for attacking.
38,66 EUR34,80 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Reflexx Speed
Gewo Rubber Reflexx SpeedThe top rubber of the newest Tension Power technology with further improved built-in tension.
32,38 EUR23,48 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Hype EL Pro 40.0
The GEWO hype EL Pro 40.0 is the super-soft rubber in the Hype EL Pro Series. The new sponge / rubber combination was developed for players who want a spin / tempo-oriented style of play with control.
37,11 EUR33,40 EUR
Tracksuit GEWO Orlando
Comfortable, multifuncional tracksuit with a simple cut.
56,79 EUR23,48 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5
The GEWO Hype EL Pro 47.5 has the perfect combination of explosive power spin and an extreme increase in speed, a rubber specially developed by GEWO for top players.
37,11 EUR33,40 EUR
Pips-in GEWO Hype KR Pro 47.5
Hype KR Pro 47.5 is the next-stage rubber of the GEWO Hype series. In this rubber, the performance and playing characteristics of the Hype XT series were developed to the next level in cooperation with Korean table tennis legend Yoo Nam Kyu.
38,60 EUR34,74 EUR
Pips-out Long SPINLORD Dornenglanz
Long pimples with a very large interference effect. Sparsely located small pimples to create disturbing effects. Just exellent for the blocks close to the table and the classically defensive game.
22,17 EUR18,68 EUR
T-shirt INTERS Small Logo
Blade GEWO Hybrid Carbon X/Speed Off
New design - old strengths! Now everything seems possible! With the CFL technology, the Hybrid Carbon X / Speed incredible directional stability especially at high impact velocities. It is an attack wood at its best withg exceptional power.
32,38 EUR
Pips-out Long DHS Cloud & Fog III
Special shape of the pimples and highly elastic rubber combined with hard sponge gives you the opportunity not only for effective chop defense far from the table, but also for surprising unexpected counter attack.
15,44 EUR
Blade GEWO Hybrid Carbon A/Speed All+
New design - old strengths! Super controlled, very light all-round blade. The Balsaschicht transmits accurately and beautifully controlled the ball-impact moment.
29,39 EUR
Pips-in XIOM Vega Europa
SPINPARASITE is another milestone in development of frictionless anti spin rubbers. With this rubber der-materialspezialist combined the characteristics control,tempo,disruptive effect and spin reversal to an unprecedented alliance.
47,07 EUR
21,11 EUR
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